Assistència Sanitària

ASSISTÈNCIA SANITARIA & AIQS Alumni have signed a protocol in favour of AIQS Alumni members and their immediate relatives so that they can take out health insurance at preferential prices. 


  • Home Emergency Service. A doctor in your home in half an hour * // * 32 minutes of average response in Barcelona the last 5 years. 
  • Hospital de Barcelona. Exclusive for health care insured. 
  • For new lives, a new maternal plant at the Barcelona Hospital. 
  • New rooms for natural childbirth in the maternal-infant area of the Barcelona Hospital. 
  • Health Care Insured and FC Barcelona, sharing the same technology. Centre of Magnetic Resonance in the Sports City Joan Gamper.  


The premiums per person and month for the year 2019 will be as follows: 

From 0 to 24 years = 58,83 € 

From 24 to 44 years = 60,60 € 

From 45 to 49 years = 64,29 € 

From 50 to 54 years = 88,92 € 

The age limit for taking out insurance is 54.  

(In case the AIQS partner is already in healthcare, it will be looked at case by case) 


The insured participates in the cost of the service and for each medical event with an electronic moderator heel whose value is 1.50 €. 

In each new contract the new insured will receive as a gift a total of 10 moderating voucher

Full-Service Policy 

For more than 57 years families have been interested in this insurance with the coverage of services and the largest medical staff in Barcelona. Quality and experience, all in the same product. 

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