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AIQSeniors is made up of retired IQS alumni.

We have worked as professionals, increasing the prestige of the IQS brand. We are experienced and culturally diverse retirees, interested in preserving and recovering the friendship of classmates and other IQS alumni we have met in our professional activity.


We carry out actions to encourage contact between senior alumni through conferences, colloquiums, gatherings and writings.

AIQSeniors aims to share values and experiences to facilitate the ageing process. We are governed by the council of promotion delegates, to review initiatives, approve activities and contact the rest of our colleagues. Participation is voluntary and free of charge.

The Delegates

1955 – Josep Obiols

1956 – Juan Verdura

1957 – Enric Trabal


1959 – Miquel Gassiot

1960 – Joan Genescà

1961 – Mateu Martinez

1962 – Antoni Ylla-Catala

1963 – Xavier Escude

1964 – Josep M. Garcia B.

1965 – Enric Julià

1966 – M. A. Portugues


1968 – Francesc Fornés

1969 – Luis Sanglas

1970 – Carme Brosa

1971 – Xavier Guardino



1974 – Ramon Oliva

1975 – Francesc Blanc

1976 – Montserrat Buxadé

1977 – Manel Ruiz


1979 – José Luis Navarro


Do you have concerns you want to share? Write to aiqseniors@aiqs.cat!


The Letters of the Seniors is a space, totally at your disposal, to share your opinions, memories and/or thoughts.

With the main goal to maintain a safe space. We carry out a review of all the letters before the publication, so it will take a few days to see it published.


In the News section you will find articles, interviews and all kind of updated information on AIQ Seniors activities. Relevant news about the sectors where we are represented, and about the past, present and future of our profession.


Do you want to know about all the different events we organize? Visit our agenda!


After a long professional career, we are still as active as at the first day and with the same desire to continue sharing, among all, this great passion that was and is our profession.

Conferences, colloquiums, excursions and a lot of IQS spirit.


The AIQ Seniors Community is for AIQS Alumni Premium. Do you want to be part of it?