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How to access to the hidden job market?

80% of labor offers are not visible. That is hidden job market. This figure exists from years ago and we think it will exist for many years.

So, how to access to the black market? 

The answer is through networking. Networking is a very important asset in our professional career. It is a source of information that help us to develop in labor market. 

How can we do networking?  

We have two ways to do it, online and offline. 

We can explain a lot of things regarding offline networking or elevator pitch, but we are going to focus on online networking. Nowadays the most important professional network to do digital networking is LinkedIn with more than 830 million users in more than 200 countries. Because of this importance, we should be up to date in order to manage our profile in this digital network. 

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Source: Montse Almazor, professional guidance service partner