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By being an associate of the AIQS Alumni you have 4 months of digital subscription in La Vanguardia FREE

  • Download every day La Vanguardia in Catalan and Spanish from any device and before anyone. 
  • Access all supplements: Magazine, kéfir? , Living, Cultures, Money … 
  • Read all the opinion articles of the best firms in La Vanguardia. 
  • And enjoy more than 1,000 exclusive discounts on leisure, gastronomy, shows, travel, shopping and much more, with your Vanguard Club card. 
  • Activate here your free subscription in Spanish. 

(Subscription price 0€ for the first 4 months. From the fifth month to 0.90 € / month for the next 3 months. Rest of months until the end of the year to 4.90 € / month. Renewal at current rate. No commitment to stay)   

For any questions about the digital subscription, you can contact La Vanguardia by calling 933.481.482 or writing to