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A strategic sector for any developed economy

Currently, the pharmaceutical industry generates 40,000 direct jobs in Spain 59% of which are professionals with university studies, and it is the high-tech sector with the most jobs (58% of the total).

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The initiative to create the Pharmaceutical Professional Group arose in 2004 from the professional concerns of several associates. Today, it is a heterogeneous and open working group in which all the areas involved in the life cycle of a drug are reflected: genesis, R&D, production, marketing…


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Coordinator: Beatriz Artalejo

Members of the group:​

  Lluis Pujadas


  Ricard Aguirre


  Francesc Amaro


  Pepi Bosch


  Urbici Cardona


  Ricard Castillejo


  Joan Claramunt


  Antoni Diaz


  Eduard Martí


  Montse Martí


  Anna Mas


  Marc Mirallas


  Maria Carme Montull


  Eva Muñoz



  Frederic Nolte


  Ariadna Paz



  Jordi Peirats



  Maribel Tarrat:



  Emma Terricabras



  Ester Torras

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