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A strategic sector for the economy and employment

After the almost complete paralysis of world tourism activity, the sector faces numerous challenges to become the strategic sector once again. The mass tourism model, key to the growth of a large number of tourist destinations, must necessarily undertake a redefinition for the future.

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In a sector to be redefined, what role do you want to play?

Joining the Professional Tourism Group means taking an active part, surrounding yourself with a professional environment where you can reflect and discuss the great challenges we face. Behind the globalized tourism industry there is a network of public and private actors and international organizations. Cooperative work among all is a necessary condition and full of opportunities.


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Coordinator: Xavier Martín

Members of the group:

  Amparo Palacin


  Iratxe López


  Laura Gámiz


  Alex Font


  Ricard Santomà


Edgar Olle

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