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Belonging to Alumni AIQS goes beyond the professional. It is a commitment to lay the foundations for a new future: more efficient, sustainable, resilient but, above all, more humane.


Because it’s not just about what we do, it’s how we do it.


Inspire, connect and accompany.

Networking with more than 15,000 professional IQS Alumni who defend your same ideals, objectives and principles to make your potential grow fully.


Let us accompany you in a great challenge that is your professional career.


Person, Science, Company

The IQS is a place for learning, discovery and innovation in the fields of science and management and the starting point for the AIQS Alumni community.


Maintain and promote this link is our great work.

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Alumni Stories

Gabriela Rosiñol Vidal

Promoción del 2012

Pese a no ser una gran multinacional, Typs es una empresa solida en un mercado creciente y con un potencial elevadísimo.

United by the same  DNA

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