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Meat, fish, dairy, bread and milling, beverage and other food industries

Currently, the Food and Beverage Industry plays a notable role in revitalizing the primary sector, with a high degree of interdependence between both sectors.

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The Grupo Profesional Alimentario (GPA) as we know it today, was born from the merger of the GPA with the Grupo Profesional de Bioquímica y Biotecnología (GPBB) in January 2016. The GPA was born in 1970 thanks to the drive of a group of people who selflessly decided to do something complementary to their professional activity and managed to organise the First Food Studies Conference (JEA) which was held from May 1971 until 1981. The GPBB was born in 1984, organising a Conference on Industrial Applications of Enzymes (JAIE) every 2 years, alternating them with a Technical Conference on Fermentative Processes (JTPF).


The JAIE were held from 1985 to 2005 and, for the 2007 edition, the Organising Committee decided to give a twist and thus the Bakery Ingredients, Enzymes, and Technology, i.e. the BIET, was born.

Coordinator: Jose Luis Zeichen

Members of the group:

  Miquel Carreras

  Miguel Angel Cubero

  Carol Font

  Monica Lopez

  Francesc Malgosa

  Irene Minguez

  Teresa Raventós

  Maria Jose Rosello

  Albert Sabaté

  Roger Villar

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