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The Spanish paint market is one of the engines of the Spanish chemical industry.

Considered an important economic activity, it encompasses a wide variety of products such as paints, varnishes, lacquers and enamels. A sector that requires constant evolution from both companies and professionals.

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Are you a chemist or you are working in the painting sector?

The Professional Painting Group was created to get to know and interact with other chemical professionals about new materials, processes and trends and problems in the sector. An open space for the dialogue and the search for solutions.


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Coordinator: Tais Arp

Members of the group:

  Raul Cabre

  Anton de Castro

  Laura Clara

  Monika Cwen

  Carles Mongay

  Fran Oliveras

  Juli Puche

  Tomas Tebar

  Anna Trepat

  Jordi Valles

  Eduard Pereda

  Andreu Trave

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