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Environment: challenges and opportunities for the professionals

The environment is much more than a matter of corporate social responsibility. Increasingly ambitious challenges in terms of energy, treatment of materials and with changing and rigid regulations. A concern for the environment and the consequences of human activity are a constant, which is why companies increasingly demand qualified professionals.

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Did you know that the environment also offers great opportunities?

The Professional Environment Group focuses on major issues of environmental problems such as the ecological impact of industrial processes and how companies can reduce their footprint. We unite knowledge and resources to find solutions.


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Mercè Mercader- coordinadora

Coordinator: Merce Mercader

Members of the group:

  Maria Auset


  Ruth Canicio


  Josep MCaus


  Jordi Diaz


  Jon Ramón Ferré


  Carla Fos


  Jose Luis Gomez Llopis


  Joan Grimalt


  Jordi Jansa



  Luis Leyda


  Ramon Oliva


  Lluis Olle


  Pere Palacin


  Marc Peyrecave


  Joan Pons


  Oriol Pou


  Albert Puyuelo

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